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Liquid Calcium Magnesium
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T. J. Clark Liquid Formula Calcium Magnesium. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Our body contains about 1,200 grams, and is found mostly in the skeleton and teeth. Nearly every body cell relies on calcium to properly function. Some of the other necessary functions of calcium are: *

  •  regulates heart rhythm 
  •  eases insomnia 
  •  assists in normal blood clotting 
  •  aids in normal kidney function 
  •  lowers blood pressure 
  •  involved in processes like structuring DNA 
  •  stimulates muscle fibers to tense and contract 
  •  can lead to osteoporosis and arthritis if deficient

Magnesium is considered to be the anti-stress mineral and works synergistically with calcium, it also builds bones and teeth. Some of the other functions of magnesium are: *

  •  regulates body temperature 
  •  breaks down fats 
  •  synthesizes proteins 
  •  helps to prevent the absorption of high levels
  •  of aluminum in the brain 
  •  stimulates muscles to loosen and relax 
  •  required for energy metabolism 
  •  needed for muscle relaxation and calm nerves
  •  regulates the amount of calcium that enters the cells 
  •  leads to osteoporosis, kidney stones, & hardening of the arteries if there are low levels in the body.

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