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Valeriia's Product Sample Pack
Quantity in Basket: 1
Code: VNBS
Price: $14.95

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

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Valeriia's Natural Cosmetic Beauty Line is made with a unique mineral complex which comes from ancient phytogenic deposits from the Earth’s Jurassic Period.  These deposits are verified by the Department of Interior as being over 140 million years old. Valeriia's Natural Cosmetic beauty line is not only 100% natural, chemical free and has natural oils, herbal extracts, vitamins but also contains most of the 94 naturally occurring elements (Phytocomplex V) arranged in ways that only nature could have conceived.

Phytocomplex V as a catalyst increases absorption and allows all the ingredients in the formulas to penetrate deeper into the skin, so our formulas will work faster and be more effective for you.

Valeriia's Natural Beauty Product Sample Pack contains 

  1. Valeriia's Mineral Milk Cleanser Make-UP Remover

  2. Valeriia's Mineral Cleansing Gel

  3. Valeriia's Gentle Facial Mineral Scrub

  4. Valeriia's Mineral Mud Masque

  5. Valeriia's Therapeutic Masque

  6. Valeriia's Anti-blemish Masque

  7. Valeriia's Rejuvenating Cream

  8. Valeriia's Anti-Wrinkle Cream